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Nortel OPTera MOR-Plus bidirectional EDFA Amplifier Card

Nortel OPTera MOR-Plus bidirectional EDFA Amplifier Card

Nortel OPTera MOR-Plus bidirectional EDFA Amplifier Card. C-band up to 16.8dBm output. Multi-wavelength repeater. With 2 FC/PC optical connectors. Nortel model: NTCA11AA


Adapterless MOR Plus with red-pre/blue-post amplifier.

Following words are from Nortel document “Repeater Network Application Guide NTY311AX” from page 47 at 1st pdf link below. See more info at last pdf link below. We can email you more detailed Nortel technical documents upon request.

Similar model NTCA11PK: RED Pre/BLUE Post MOR Plus amplifier with OSC
This version of the MOR Plus amplifier includes BLUE and RED band EDFA modules mounted on a motherboard assembly. The MOR Plus amplifier is used at a site where BLUE band wavelengths are multiplexed in the fiber and RED band wavelengths are demultiplexed out of the fiber.
This version of the MOR Plus amplifier is also equipped with the 1510 nm OSC unit. The 1510 nm OSC is an out-of-band communication channel used for supervisory purposes. This channel co-propagates with the RED band wavelengths. Optical access to the 1510 nm OSC is provided by means of add/drop filters embedded into the MOR RED band amplifier path. Since the OSC is integrated into the MOR, external add/drop filters and associated fiber patches are not required.

Functional description
MOR Plus amplifier circuit packs optically amplify a maximum of up to 32 optical channels that are symmetrically allocated in two wavelength bands: the RED (1547.5 nm to 1561.0 nm) and BLUE (1528.4 nm to 1542.5 nm) bands. A maximum of up to 16 wavelengths are co-propagating in each band. The two bands are travelling in opposite directions to provide full bidirectionality in a single optical fiber. The MOR Plus provides access to each optical band. The MOR Plus, configured as a line amplifier, enables the insertion of components at its mid stage. When correct engineering rules are followed (see OPTera LH NTPs for engineering rules), the loss of the component inserted in an MOR Plus line amplifier cannot decrease the reach of the optical link.

Output power masks
The four figures on the following pages describe the MOR Plus output power mask for the BLUE Post, Blue Pre, RED Post and RED Pre amplifier modules, respectively. The shaded area indicates the allowed end-of-life total output power as opposed to the input power for the amplifier. For example, when the input power to the BLUE Post amplifier of the MOR Plus is -6.25 dBm, the output power at the end of life can be adjusted to 0 to 16.8 dBm.

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