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Nortel NT8E04AD OC-48 Optical Line/Post Amp (SC) Card. 1.55um C-band

Nortel NT8E04AD OC-48 Optical Line/Post Amp (SC) Card. 1.55um C-band

Nortel NT8E04AD OC-48 Optical Line/Post Amp (SC) Card. 1.55um C-band. Model: NT8E04AD. Including EDFA module with model no: EDFA-SC-06


S/DMS TransportNode OC-48 NE Circuit Pack. For OC-48 long-reach DWDM transmission. Model: NT8E04AD. Including EDFA module with model no: EDFA-SC-06. SC/PC fiber interface. Nortel OC-48 post amplifier normally gives at least 16dBm output.

We applied good desolder machine and easily removed an EDFA module sample from the PCB. Coring FiberGain Module. Model number: FGM-S-020-09. Non-Variable control for long-haul transmission. With 980nm pump laser. See last three photos. There are no screws around the module enclosure, we also checked under the large product label on top of the enclosure, NO SCREWS. There are top metal sheet and bottom metal sheet, they both look glued with enclosure, so we cannot open the module. You may try to etch away the bronze cover, then access the internal optical parts. There is 15-pin electrical interface. No datasheet for the EDFA module. But we believe this is 16dBm amplifier, based on our knowledge and this customer's test result.

A buyer has successfully opened the case and verified it can make reasonable gain under certain pump current. To run this EDFA amplifier, you only need drive pump laser in the same way as to drive any standard 14-pin butterfly lasers. Following is the pinout info from our customer. Pinout for Corning EDFA module:
1 - mon1 Cathode
2 - mon1 Anode
3 - mon2 Cathode
4 - mon2 Anode
5 - pump laser Cathode
6 - pump mon Anode
7 - thermistor pin 1
8, 11, 13 - GND - pump Anode, thermistor pin 2, pump mon Cathode
14 - cooler Anode
15 - cooler Cathode
9, 10, 12 - not connected

GND is connected with the metal case of the module..(At this moment I do not know which one of the monitors is the input one and the output one).

See test results with the EDFA amplifier module by a customer at zip link below. There are three sets of results, obtained for three different input powers: -24dBm, -14dBm and -4dBm. These are approximate values, more exact ones you may read from the files denoted as "ref_mXX.bmp". He measured the output signal from the EDFA for some values of the pump laser current. In the figures you may observe the ASE profile and the amplified input signal as well. He used the DFB laser with the wavelength near 1560 nm. From these figures you may also calculate the gain of the amplifier at this wavelength. Generally, about 200 mA of pump current is required to obtain gain in the order of ~30dB.


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