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Customized MEMS controller and MEMS mirror developmental kits

Customized MEMS controller and MEMS mirror developmental kits

Driver Controller:

Mirrorcle-designed controllers have a fast Microchip PIC32MZ MCU which provides USB communication, driving for MEMS devices, synchronization with other systems, and programmable hardware filtering to avoid overshoot and ringing.The controllers are USB bus-powered and provides power for the embedded MEMS driver and low-power peripherals. These systems can run solely on a laptop powered by its battery.Interfacing with the Controller is provided by Windows applications and APIs (C++, Matlab, LabView), as shown in many SDK examples and executables included with the Mirrorcle Software Suite (sold separately). Limited MEMS driving functionality is also possible via serial terminal commands.


Scanning Mirror (2 units):

The Scanning Mirror has point-to-point capability to point to and stop at any angle in its specified range (below).

Beam steering in arbitrary positions and beam velocity up to the specified bandwidth.

Robust two-axis MEMS Design


Features and Specifications:

  • Gimbal-less Dual Axis MEMS Mirror
  • 5.0mm diameter, Gold Coated
  • Mechanical Angle Range ±5° (max. limit 5.4­°)
  • 1st Resonant Frequency: ~260-310Hz
  • Bandwidth (to -3dB point): ~500Hz
  • Step Response: ~5ms (non-optimized drive with filtered step)
  • Recommended LPF (waveform filter) for point-to-point operation: 120Hz
  • Drive Voltage: 0-180V, Vbias at 90V should be used
  • Connectorized Package: TINY48.4 (20mm x 15mm)
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