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1.55um passive dual-amplifier EDFA card

1.55um passive dual-amplifier EDFA card

1.55um passive dual-amplifier EDFA card. Ciena P/N: OAP-17U-302. Two external pump lasers are required.


Ciena 17dBm dual amplifiers: Amplifier 20 (AMP20). See pdf link below for manufacture test data for dual amplifiers (top amplifier and bottom amplifier. Since the noise figure is quite low, so they can be used as either inline amplifier, pre-amplifier, or post amplifier. 

There are two identical passive amplifier modules, they are pure passive since there are no electrical interfaces. We opened one module from AMP30 system, we found there are one PIFI23AB 1550nm isolator, two YD-360 isolators, one WD1415M2-NJF1 1480nm/1550nm WDM coupler, one WD1516 WDM coupler, etc. There are no electronic parts. Each EDFA module is composed of three containers(three model numbers: 130-0200-534, 130-0200-524, 130-0200-514), see 1st opened container at last photo. To run each passive amplifier module, you only need add one external pump laser source through E2000/APC connector (there are four E2000/APC connectors in each dual amplifier system). 

You can also remove the EDFA passive module from the PCB and install it to your system. 

There are one optical add and one drop channel for each passive amplifier module.

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